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Irish Texts Society Subsidiary Series

Irish Texts Society Subsidiary Series

In the case of all publications in the Subsidary Series, the intention is to introduce the relevant text to a non-specialist readership in a way calculated to make the content more accessible and also to convey an application of its status and significance within its particular genre, literary, historical, etc.
Additionally, in the case of texts already published by the Society, the intention of the Subsidiary Series (published in conjunction with the Main Series of texts) is to take the opportunity of a reprint to update the original introduction by noting the main developments in the field since the original publication. In such circumstances, these publications are included as additional introductory material. They are also published independently with a view to making them available to interested readers who may not necessarily wish to acquire the reprint of the relevant text.
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Authored by:

  • John Carey
  • Edited by:

  • R. A. Stewart Macalister
  • Description:

    The greater part of this new introduction chronicles and places in context the extensive body of scholarship that has accumulated about the nature, sources, and textual history ofLebor Gabála Érenn, including the critical contribution of R.A.S. Macalister's five-volume edition of the text for the Society (Main Series34-35,38-39,44). John Carey, who lectures in the Department of Early and Medieval Irish at UCC, also presents his own expert and stimulating opinions of the text, based on a study that stretches back to the beginnings of his scholarly career.

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    Publication date:January 01, 1993

    Number of pages:22

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