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Policing the narrow ground

Policing the narrow ground

Lessons from the transformation of policing in Northern Ireland

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The Patten Report on policing in Northern Ireland was a benchmark in the 1998 Belfast Agreement which signalled an end to sectarian violence in the North. Ten years after its publication, this book reflects on the Report, its role in the subsequent and ongoing transformation of policing in Northern Ireland, and the lessons of the Northern Ireland experience for security-sector reform internationally. The book includes exclusive personal reflections from key actors involved in this important process - such as Chris Patten, Hugh Orde, Maurice Hayes and Nuala O'Loan - along with a number of academic perspectives on policing reform and its international significance. This scrupulously edited volume relates not only to Irish studies but to peace studies, human rights and gender debates. 

Publication date: January 10, 2010

Product format: EBOOK

Number of pages: 340


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