Celia Holland

Professor Celia Holland, BSc, PhD, MRIA is a Professor in Parasitology at Trinity College Dublin. Her main research interests are in the epidemiology and control of the soil-transmitted helminths including Ascaris and Toxocara. She is also involved in the development of laboratory models for larval ascarids and aspects of ecological parasitology including the role of parasites as ecosystem engineers and in invasive species. She was elected to Fellowship of Trinity College and as a member of the Royal Irish Academy, in recognition of her research.

Prof. Holland is a member of the WHO Guideline Development Group (GDG) deworming and an Invited Expert on the WHO Advisory Panel on Parasitic Diseases and currently Secretary General of the European Federation of Parasitology. She is an Editor of the journal Parasitology (CUP). She was previously President and Secretary of the Irish Society for Parasitology. Author of 113 publications including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, and book chapters on parasitology and related topics; including the senior editorship of 'Toxocara the enigmatic parasite' and 'The Geohelminths: Ascaris, Trichuris and Hookworm' as part of the World Class Parasites series and most recently sole Editor of 'Ascaris the neglected parasite' published by Elsevier in 2013.